rite or call me to discuss your work. Iíll need to know the answers to these questions:

n accepting a consulting job, Iíll discuss your publishing situation with you in detail. I will read through your whole manuscript only if I am working on your book proposal (or if I am also editing it, of course). Much of this work can be done in conversation, but I will respond to questions about writings (proposals, correspondence with publishers, reader reports) in writing. Once I have advised you, you can contact me whenever you have a question as the publishing process unfolds.

hat I wonít do: Advise on design or production, act as an agent, guarantee publication, negotiate contracts, evaluate contracts, make referrals, communicate directly with university press staff on behalf of authors, or offer advice on trade publishing. (If I am hired by a university press as a developmental editor for a project, I will not advise that author on the publishing process.)

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